A million tourists visit the Flathead Valley every year. Our job is to make sure they discover Bigfork.

What We Do

Who benefits from the BPG?

Cool, huh? Get it in Bigfork

It may sound promotional to suggest that everyone benefits from the BPG, but it is clearly true. The BPG has two initiatives toward which it directs its resources. Direct Action Initiatives focus on activities that bring tourists to Bigfork. Businesses benefit because the BPG, through Direct Action, uses its resources to advertise, promote, and
otherwise entice tourists to visit Bigfork. Billboards and road signs are examples. Maybe you’ve seen our billboards. Notice that although they feature individual business owners, it is not the businesses that the Direct Action billboards advertise, but rather Bigfork itself. Our job is to get tourists from the Valley to Bigfork.

bigfork rocks

But the tourists benefit from the BPG’s activities as well. The Supported Action Initiatives focus on supporting programs and activities that enhance the Bigfork experience. The Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation set as one of its goals to put Bigfork on the map as a place to hear and learn from some of the best guitarists in the world. The BPG is supporting the Foundation as it develops momentum. Supported Action Initiatives are generally intended to provide seed money to groups and organizations that want to establish an event or program that will draw tourists to Bigfork. Of course, a Supported Action Initiative also partially funded the new permanent Bigfork welcome sign to ensure that visitors are able to find the town.

Bigfork's Cookin'

In Summary

The Bigfork Promotion Group collects money from and through Bigfork businesses and spends that money to get tourists who are already in the Flathead Valley into Bigfork where they can enjoy the experience of a lifetime.