A million tourists visit the Flathead Valley every year. Our job is to make sure they discover Bigfork.


How can I participate?

If you’re a Bigfork business owner and benefit from tourism or the presence of tourists, you can help by joining the Bigfork Promotion Group. Either contribute directly or collect an assessment on the BPG’s behalf. You may choose to be either a full voting member with a minimum contribution of $250 annually or an associate for $50 or more annually. Like all marketing expenditures, expect that the expenditure will come back multifold. Applications are available below. Fill one out and send it in.

And if you’re a visitor, embrace the assessment and support the businesses that support it, whether that be by direct contribution or through a collected assessment. Our goal is to make your Bigfork experience memorable and enjoyable. Please help us to achieve our goal.

Applications for Funding